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Clean Water

Cambodia is amongst the poorest countries in the world, ranking 14 of 121 countries in 2019.

Life expectancy, which for men is around 54 and for women around 59, reflects various factors, including high infant mortality rates and low living standards. Mortality rates due to waterborne diseases in Cambodia are high and are circumstances that could be improved upon through better sanitary conditions and education.


Water supply in Cambodia is characterized by low levels of access in rural areas. With approximately 80% of all Cambodians living in rural areas, poor access to safe water and sanitation disproportionately affects its rural communities. Although Cambodia has one the fastest growing economies in Asia, the GDP per capita still remains low compared to its neighboring countries, and access to affordable financing for water and sanitation remains a barrier for families in need to secure water and toilets for their homes.

Our Mission

Our team's goal is centered around helping the Takeo Province in Cambodia in being able to access clean water. Our plan primarily is to proceed by drilling boreholes and to build up several water filtration systems. When clean water is accessed, we plan to deliver the water throughout the town through families and individuals.

our mission
How it works

How it works

1. Identify a suitable location (house or land):
this is where we will build the school 
2. Drill a borehole (50-100 meters in depth)
to obtain a water source near the school
3. Build up a water filtration system
to obtain clean water
4. Build up a clean water production and delivery system with transportation (Tuktuk)
5. Hire employees and/or students
to facilitate production and delivery
6. Sell clean water for sustainability,
not for profit
Go fund me

Go Fund Me 

The Clean Water Project is the result of 10 focused years of diligence and consistent dialogue with the local citizens. We educate them in regards to their health with the hope that long-term sustainable solutions to improve their standards of living and qualities of life can be developed.


To do so, we currently develop and provide resources to educate and train student volunteers and local citizens in managing and operating the water facilities along with its importance to the community at large.


We are running this GoFundMe to drive forward our mission, which is to help the local community access clean water. Your support and generosity will go a long way in transforming these villages for the better.

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